LCD and Arduino with AI

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LCD and Arduino with AI

UPDATE: The web code in AutoAircon Is far better and cleaner then this 1st attempt.

ArduinoLCD AI Source Code

ArduinoLCD Arduino Source Code

Just want to share something I got working after well hours of effort and skipping dinner.


I have an arduino with a Ethernet module

LCD Connected to that via pins

Arduino To LCD Pins. 7 = 4

6 = 6

2 = 14

3 = 13

4 = 12

5 = 11

With LCD pin 5 connected directly to ground and all other pins wired upas standard documented.

Using the arduino webduino web server I coded the arduino to listen for either a blanket request for a web interface or a /getvalue request from tinywebDB in app inventor.

I then made a little app that is just a text box a post button and some error labels.

When text is put into the text box and the send message button is pushed the arduino processes the 'tag' value and writes its content to the LCD screen.

Now the advantage of this setup is that you could perform any action you want. you don't have to use an LCD but the base is there to post data to an arduino, perform an action and then return a JSON string back to AI.